Horizontal Floor Borers



The HCW-series machines are the most advanced and sophisticated horizontal boring machines in the SKODA range.    



Boring spindle diameter     200/225/250/260mm
Boring spindle speed 1-2000rpm
Extension W 1400mm
Extension Z 1600mm
W + Z 3000mm
X Axis Travel od 3500mm
Y Axis Travel 3000-7000mm
Main drive motor power S1 100kw


Horizontal Boring Mills

Skoda HCW 1000


• Vertical travel along the column
• Box type slide guideways lined by low friction material
• Grey iron casting
• Two-speed gear unit lubricated by circulating oil
• Temperature-stabilised of headstock
• Measurement of angular position of the spindle
• Automated tool clamping
• Tool cooling through the spindle + external cooling
• Manual or automatic clamping of technological attachments
• Power connection to machine accessories

• Grey iron casting
• No counter-weight design solution, the headstock weight is held by a ball screw
• Box type slide guideways
• Guiding surfaces are protected by bellow covers

• Turntable consists of bed, saddle and plate, all is casting from grey iron
• Box type slide guideways lined by low friction material (X axis)
• Rolling-contact seating of the table plate
in axis B - a cross-type bearing with a toothed rim
• Master-slave drive for the table plate rotation
• Clamping units to # x the B-axis position

• Grey iron casting
• Box type slide guide ways
• Guiding surfaces are protected by steel telescopic covers
• Slide displacement by a ball screw with a pre-stressed nut

Column saddle:
• Grey iron casting
• Box type slide guideways lined by low friction material




Boring spindle diameter     130mm
Spindle revolutions        2 – 3 000 rpm
Spindle travel      900 mm   
Column travel         1 250 - 2 500 mm
Rotary table travel      2 500 - 6 000 mm    
Headstock travel       2 000 – 3 000 mm  
Power of main drive      37 kW   


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