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At the beginning of May WD Hearn signed with Anca CNC Machines and became their South African agent for Tool and Cutter Grinders.

Anca designs and builds complete grinding machines at their factory based in Melbourne - this includes the manufacturing of precision motors & spindles, and polymer concrete bases. This gives the company greater quality control and a more holistic understanding of how all the components work together to produce a desirable outcome for their customers.

As well as designing complete machines, the 60+ engineers at Anca also write all the machine software programs as well as all the programs for the CNC systems.

Anca has significantly broadened both its machine variety and capability over the past few years, and now offers models to cater for various customer requirements and applications. These include specialist machines for the Medical, Automotive, Defence, Aeronautical, Aerospace, Pharmaceutical and Manufacturing industries, not forgetting tools & cutters for both the metal and woodworking sectors.

TX7 Linear is Anca’s premium grinding machine, aimed at the most demanding and diverse applications. The TX7 Linear’s large working envelope allows you to grind the widest range of tools, from a simple 3mm endmill, to a 400mm long drill or a 300mm diameter face cutter. The 37kW grinding spindle, mounted in a rigid machine design, ensures heavy grinding operations can be completed with ease.

TX7 Linear includes: LinX linear motors on X, Y and also Z Axis, ensuring a life time of uncompromised precision. Automation and a range of machine accessories means that the TX7 Linear can be equipped to meet the specific needs of tomorrows most stringent grinding applications.

Anca's 'Management Suite' software enables customers to monitor the operational performance of their machines and provide live production and machine data to make informed operational improvements. REDAX Remote Data Analytics monitors production in real time and delivers up-to-date information, greatly enhancing visibility and control in the manufacturing operation.  

WD Hearn looks forward to long and prosperous partnership with Anca.

For more information please contact our head office in Cape Town: hearn@wdhearn.co.za I +27 21 534 5351




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