Plasma Cutting

Smart Plasma

Robust... Precise...Economical...

3-axis I High-performance I Gantry type

The EPL Plasma Smart series is a quality and economic sheet metal working machine which meets customers’ expectations by using plasma and oxygen cutting technologies.

- Ergonomic design
- Powerful consumables
- Lower costs
- Productivity
- Efficiency
- Oxygen cutting position


EPL Pipe and Profile Cutting

Impressive solution for Tube Cutting...

Precise cutting I Low cutting cost I Ergonomic design I Simple operation I Filtering system I Marking

- Sensitive and qualified cuts with Hypertherm XD® plasma source
- Meeting the high speed plasma cutting standards with impeccable filtration system thanks to inner pipe suction design.
- High precision for edge cuts and round cuts with the stoned helical cramier and pinion.
- Manuel support system that provides 50 – 400 diameter pipe cuts.
- Advanced Height control unit designed for plasma cutting.
- A design that protects mechanical parts from fumes or impacts.
- Infinity CNC control unit is easy to use and efficient
- Sofware Lantek Cad/Cam
- Marking speciality
- Feature of returning backward and continue to cut where ever needed.
- Large utilization area like tank manufacturing, pipe line etc.

EPL 5-Axis Plasma Cutting Machine

Bringing a new dimension to your cutting operations...

True bevel technology I Low cots operation I Ergonomic design I Simple operation I True hole technology

5-Axis cutting head
All angles are calculated automatically with 5-Axis cutting technology. During the cutting process it composes the angle value automatically, which the operator needs to enter. 5-Axis cutting technology is a perfect solution for vertical and angular cuts.

- Automatically bolt hole without operator intervention
- Close the gap between the laser hole quality and the plasma process making it a convenient option for many laser cut jobs.
- Completely eliminates the hole tape.
- Resonance is minimal and deflected out of the hole. 
- Provides true bolt hole quality 

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