Long Bar Feeders



  • Adjustment-free for different bar sizes. 
  • Hidden-and-secured wiring. 
  • Speedy bar change-over. 
  • Adjustable torque force and speed. 
  • Improved design for separating lubricant and remnant collection.



Guide channel 21mm/27mm/33mm/37mm/39mm/
Bar diameter 5-20mm/5-26mm/5-32mm/5-36mm/
Bar capacity 10mm/26pcs
Bar length 2700mm/3200mm/3800mm
Machine weight 2.5M-860kg/3.0M-950kg /3.6M -1060kg
Air pressure 6kgf /cm2(70psi)
Transmission Servo motor
Lubricant FK ISO VG68/ FK hydraulic oil 68
Capacity 38L
Power consumption 810W
Power supply 3 X 220V 50/60Hz


Short Bar Feeders


  • Increases productivity and cuts production costs. 
  • Suits for profiled bar materials such as hex. & square. 
  • Compact design requires less floor space. 
  • User Friendly with a Human-Machine-Interface application. 
  • Feed materials accurately with a linear-guide system. 
  • An easy changeover with a V-channel-loading system. 
  • External LED display features bar position & length while fed. 
  • Offers a vibration free operation with unlimited rpm.



Bar length  1200mm-1500mm
Machine weight 320KGS-360KGS
Bar Diameter 5-65mm
Bar capacity 65mm/10pcs
Air pressure 6kgf/cm2(70psi)
Power supply  1x220V
Power consumption  200W 


  • Productivity increases and reduces manufacturing costs. 
  • No rpm limit leads to vibration free operation. 
  • Fast and smooth bar loading cycle.
  • Smooth pushing motion combines with right liner guide sets. 
  • V-guide channel set adjusts easily for bar loading. 
  • Convenient remote controller. 
  • External LED displays bar material position and alarms. 
  • 'X' Linear Rails moves bar feeder to allow access to spindle liner and maintenance. 
  • Servo feeding features accurate positioning bar without a turret stop. 
  • HMI screen display shows alarm messages, easy for trouble shooting.



Bar diameter  5-65mm
Bar capacity 65mm/10 pcs
Max Bar length 1200mm/1500mm/1800mm
Depends on machine spindle length
Machine weight 265KGS - 280KGS - 330 KGS
Air pressure 6kg/cm2(70psi)
Power supply 1x220V
Power consumption 575W 


  • Accurate processing of workpieces. 
  • Fast and accurate servo feeding system. 
  • Bar changeover controls via a Human-Machine-Interface display. 
  • External LED displays bar position and alarms. 
  • Cycling time for bar changeover runs less than 15sec



Bar length  1200mm- 1500mm
Material diameter 8-80mm
Bar capacity 80mm/7pcs
Machine weight  285kgs
Motor  Servo motor
Power supply 1x220v 60hz/1x380v 50hz
Power consumptions 640W


  • Increase productivity and reduce manufacturing cost. 
  • No vibrations, allow precision machining at high speed. 
  • Stronger mechanical design, max bar diameter up to 105mm. 
  • Servo feeding system, provides accurate bar positioning without turret stopper. 
  • Adjustment free bar diameter changes. 
  • External LED display, easily monitor feeding and alarm situation.



Bar length  1100mm-1600mm
Machine weight 600KG-700KG
Bar diameter  8mm-105mm
Bar capacity 105mm/5pcs
Power supply 1x220V  

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